Increase engagement and revenue on your website or app

Harness the Power of AI
and Give Your Users an Amazing Experience

Machine learning used to be hard. It's not any more.
Let us do the work. Go have a coffee, watch TV, go for a run, whatever you want.

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Access A Variety
of Awesome Filters

Users will fall in love with our styles: Classic Movie Poster, Pop Art, Impressionism, Black and White. Work with us to develop custom styles of your own.

Photo Transformations That
Happen In Seconds

Simply tell our AI what image and style you want to use. You'll get back a link to the new image moments later.

Somatic API
Makes Integration Easy

Easy integration for a dev team of one. No need to waste time training models or messing with servers.

Don't miss the Machine Learning revolution

Somatic can help you do things that used to seem impossible.
And, you can do it before getting out of bed in the morning.

  • Super Fast Transformations

    Our pre-set image transformations can be completed in seconds, keeping your users engaged.

  • Easy Web Interface

    Just want to create AI art, without writing code. That's fine! Use our simple API.

  • API Access

    Want to integrate into your app? It's easy with our simple API.

  • Simple Hosting

    All of this can be hosted on our servers for you, you don't need to install anything. Integrate somatic with your current workflow and applications.

  • For The Love Of Deep Learning

    At Somatic, we have fallen in love with deep learning. Our overarching goal is to make Deep Learning available to everyone.

  • And building your business

    Our effects are easy to implement, which lets you focus on what makes your business special.