About Us and Press

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We are AI enthusiasts on a mission to make deep learning easily available to everyone. We focus on building cutting edge tools that can be integrated into existing apps cheaply and with minimal work.

We work across various models, but our focus is on image processing deep learning. For a quick demo of what we can do, check out our Fast Demo Page.

Our API has been used in a number of applications: to build an image transformation mobile app, to create an amazing photo booth, and to add a unique twist on custom printing.


How fast are your image filters?

The speed depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of the image or the particular model being used. With a 1024 resolution image, the image processing occurs in roughly 3 seconds.

What makes you different?

We make things really easy for developers. We offer multiple ways to integrate our filters, including some that allow a simple integration with just a line of code.

Who are some of your partners?

We work with a variety of companies include iOS developers (e.g. MEA Mobile), art and image printing and framing (e.g. Level Frames) along with other projects. Let us know if you would like more information.

What else do you do?

Where you find deep learning and creativity, you'll often find us. For example, we have joint hosted hackathons and you can often find Jason Toy, our CEO, speaking at various events.

Tell us about your team

We were founded by Jason Toy in 2016, on a mission to democratize deep learning. A love of art took the work to the intersection of creativity and AI. Prior to founding Somatic, he was the CEO Filepicker.

Do you have any assets we can use?

Of course, but its more fun to create your own. Go here to test out all of our filters. Please check in with us before publishing any content, but as long as it's family friendly and you own it, it will likely be ok.

Feel free to use any of the assets below as well.