Create your own special effects

We provide dozens of special effects for you to use in your app instantly, but sometimes you want to make some really custom effects. We provide 3 different ways to create your own effects.

1) Access to our AI robots

We can give your access to our artificial intelligence engine where you give it images you like and it learns to paint in the style of those images. This essentially is a fast way for you to create your brand's own styles. The process is very easy, just collect the images you like and upload them through a webpage that we provide you with.

2) Remix engine pipeline

Although we have dozens of special effects already, they can be recombined in many different ways to produce completely new effects. With all the different effects,parameters, and options we provide, there are literally millions of new effects that can be created. We have created an user interface to allow you to remix effects and save them as a custom endpoint for you to use with your own software.

3) Access to our team

We have a team of image processing engineers and data scientists that work hand in hand with our robot painting team. You can work directly with our team to understand your needs and build out a custom solution.

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