Somatic is integrated into many platforms and systems

Check out some of our integrations


need a creativity boost? our bot can join your slack and automatically stylize content

Url based

You can do image transformations easily from any web page without installing any software, just a webpage and a browser


creative coders can use Processing to integrate with us, check out a neural mirror built on somatic


integrate us with your heroku app


p5.js is the web enabled version of Processing,check out a live video demo

photo gallery maker

This runs on any computer system with bash installed: mac,linux,windows, raspberry pi, make a photo gallery instantly

reddit bot

an example bot we built for reddit that responds to peoples' requests to stylize images

ios/mac native SDK

integrate directly in your ios app or mac application

in addition to these integrations, we integrate with every programming language that supports web requests

ruby,php,java,python,bash,and more

Check out the docs for more info