Transform Photos into Artworks

Monetize Image Content with Artificial Intelligence Powered effects

Turn Customers' photos into
Artworks they will love

You customer is looking at
a blank canvas

Sometimes your customers will know exactly what they want. Sometimes they need a little inspiration.

She loves starry night, but wants
to show her love of the ocean

We let your customers apply the styles of powerful artistic movements to their own images.

Run a picture of a wave thru the
starry night filter and boom!

Even with no design skills, your users are able to have something beautiful and completely one-of-a-kind.

We have hundreds of different styles that our robot team has created for you to use

Don't miss the Machine Learning Revolution

  • Super Fast Transformations

    Our image transformations can be completed in seconds, keeping your users engaged.

  • Unlimited combinations of effects

    We have styles and effects for every occasion, pick and choose what you give your customers

  • Create your own styles

    Couldn't find the style you like? Create your own with style engine

  • Easy Integration

    Add a line of code to product to easily allow your customers to do transformations

  • For The Love Of Deep Learning

    At Somatic, we have fallen in love with deep learning. Our overarching goal is to make Deep Learning available to everyone.

  • Increase revenue to your business

    Your customers will love these effects and use your apps more.