Like what we do? You'll love our customers. We have highighted just a few below.

Applied Research

We have taken hundreds of papers and distilled them into their core ideas to apply them into your business
Have some new breakthtoughs you want incorporated? We can implement it for you.

Natural Language Processing
in your applications

We can build custom NLP interfaces for statistical analysis, providing insights into your customers' data, and other use cases to help you extract value with language understanding

Custom Vision Processing

We have built custom vision processing models to extract features, classify images, image effects, or whatever else you need. We can train, host, and turn the model into an API on your behalf

We have deployed solutions across a wide range of industries

Somatic can help you do things that used to seem impossible.

  • Special Effects

    Custom image special effects for images and photoshop

  • API Interface

    We can take a model and make it available for the web and other devices.

  • We can work with any libraries

    PyTorch,TensorFlow, C++,javascript, you name it, we can work with it

  • Extact value out of your existing data

    Have lots of data? We can analyze your data to see if it can provide more insights and value to you

  • Low power mobile solutions

    We can shrink down a system to run fast and efficiently on mobile devices

  • Education and Training

    We have trained many large companies and engineering teams on how to research and build the best models